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Idle Animals gets you nurturing a host of adorably odd creatures through its simple but addictive idle clicker gameplay.

Unlock multi-legged to no-legged friends across a variety of fun themed enclosures.

Clean them, name them and upgrade them to maximise your earnings and expand your animal collection.

Can you become the greatest animal wrangler ever?


- Unlock masses of unique animals, each with their own bespoke and awesome sound

- Explore multiple immersive environments

- Level up your animals to earn more coins

- Upgrade enclosures with awesome items to increase the happiness of your animals

- Catch those pesky run-away animals to earn bonus extra coins

- Watch out for the ultra rare Unicorn, it gives valuable gems if tapped

- Rename all your animals to make your game truly individual to you

- Earn coins even while you're away from the game

- Family friendly fun

- Free to play

- In-App purchases available

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